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Kashmir and India’s Climb Up the Ladder of Chaos

Author: Anubhav Gupta

Affiliation: Asia Society Policy Institute

Organization/Publisher: Center for International Relations and Sustainable Development

Date/Place: December 19, 2019, Serbia.

Type of Literature: Journal Article

Word Count: 5384


Keywords: Kashmir, India, Pakistan, Chaos, Narendra Modi.


This article compares the present world order with the situation of Littlefinger in Game of Thrones, who rises to power by exploiting the instability and chaos around him. Countries like India are taking advantage of the crumbling America-led International liberal order. India ripped off the State of Jammu and Kashmir from its autonomous status and despite the protests from Pakistan, by taking this unilateral move, India didn’t resist climbing the ladder of chaos. The author claims that Modi was right in calling the status quo of Jammu and Kashmir problematic, justifying that the Buddhist majority Ladakh would suffer from it. After separating Ladakh from Jammu and Kashmir, it will directly benefit from the policies of Centre (New Delhi) now. This article identifies the claims of human rights violations in Kashmir as credible, but negates the role of Pakistan as its messenger, calling it hypocritical. In the current world order, words like “democracy” and “human rights” are either under threat or have lost value. India is aware that there are very few defenders of human rights and democracy and that there are meagre watchdogs existing that India needs to worry about. The article ends on a cautionary note from Littlefinger in Game of Thrones, “Many who try to climb it fail and never get to try again. The fall breaks them.” India would do well to climb with caution. 

By: Ruby Clayton, CIGA Research Assistant



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