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Israeli Occupation of Palestine: The Effects of Space Monopolizatio

Author: Philisha Abrahim

Affiliation: Urban Studies Program, Trinity College (Hartford, Connecticut, USA)

Organization/Publisher: Trinity College Digital Repository

Date/Place: Spring 2020/Hartford, Connecticut

Type of Literature: Thesis

Number of Pages: 37


Keywords: Palestine, Israel, Zionism, Colonization, Natural Resources 


This thesis analyzes the century-long Israeli occupation in Palestine, resulting in the total control of Palestine’s development, natural resources, and spatial representation. The occupied land between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea has resulted in the dispossession, destruction, and degradation of Palestine’s infrastructure, political power, and national identity. The British-established Zionist State has worked closely with its foreign allies to maintain its control and power over Palestinians. Like any colonial force, Israel’s power stems from the indigenous oppression, suffocation, and exploitation. The author outlines the facts illuminating the Palestinian narrative of persecution through space monopolization. The issuance of the Balfour declaration shifted favor to the minority population (Jews) at the expense of the majority (Palestinians). For instance, the city of Jerusalem is sacred for both Palestinians and Jews, yet only Palestinian Arabs are subjected to military checkpoints, lockdowns, and denial of access. Moreover, Israel’s monopolization of water resources is to the extent that Palestinians are forced to live off of contaminated water. Israel has almost controlled the whole of Palestine and with every supposed peace talk, they are getting increments and legitimacy in controlling this land. The author ends the thesis on a positive note saying that despite all the sufferings caused to Palestinians, they still remain resilient and unwavering. 

By: Saima Rashid, CIGA Research Assistant



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