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George Yeo: Charm and China in a multipolar world

Author: George Yeo

Affiliation: Former Foreign Minister, Singapore

Organization/Publisher: Think China

Date/Place: November 19, 2021/Beijing, China

Type of Literature: Webinar Session

Word Count:  4099


Keywords:  Multipolarity, Charm, World Order, ASEAN, South China Sea


Shifting the world order to a multipolar system is a complex and slow process. The more challenging aspect of this is the West’s inability to admit the multipolar nature of the world and its holding a sense of moral superiority over the entire globe. China has to understand this and act accordingly, by strengthening its position without making the West or India feel threatened or inferior. Understanding the other’s emotions and thoughts helps in understanding one’s own civilization, and greater understanding leads to more patient and comprehensive dealings. It is paramount for China to have diplomatic charm to unify peacefully with Taiwan, to reach a satisfactory status quo in the South China Sea, and to have  constructive relations with Japan. Meanwhile, Singapore as well as the rest of ASEAN hope to maintain peaceful relations among regional and global powers, as maintaining neutrality ensures economic prosperity and diffuses the feelings of threat China may have.


By: Omar Fili, CIGA Research Assistant



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