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As Challenges Mount, Can Europe Correct Its Course?

Author: WPR (World Politics Review)

Affiliation: WPR

Organization/Publisher: WPR

Date/Place: November 17,  2021

Type of Literature: Analysis

Word Count: 1128


Keywords: EU, Iran, Far-right, Populism, European order

Brief :

Both internal and external challenges undermine the European Union’s order. Internally, due to its member states’ policies towards immigration and economic crises, the EU knows an exacerbation in populist movements. Illiberal governments and far-right political parties are sweeping across many EU member states. Some leaders have capitalized on the pandemic to hold power like in Poland and Hungary, as far-right political parties become part of coalition governments like in Austria. Externally, while the US rebuilds and repairs trans-Atlantic ties, the US’ strategy and policies towards Afghanistan and some illiberal EU member states have key divergent points. In the same vein, as the EU seeks to balance its relations with China, the head of the EU Commission is standing in contradiction to European leaders who see China as an economic opportunity for their given countries. That leaves the bloc divided on how the EU can balance between China as an economic partner and the risk that China would present as a risky rival.  


By: Imad Atoui, CIGA Research Associate



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