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Why the State Dept. Has Largely Been Muted on India’s Moves Against Muslims

Author: Lara Jakes

Affiliation: The New York Times, Washington Bureau

Organization/Publisher: The New York Times, U.S.

Date/Place: Dec. 17, 2019, U.S.
Type of literature: Article

Word Count: 1403 words


Keywords: Citizenship Act, Human rights, India, US

Brief: The article provides analysis of the stark contrast in positions over the religious protection for Muslims by US State department officials. The author observed that, the State Department was relatively mute on publicly criticizing India’s moves against its Muslim population. The State Department on the other hand strongly condemned the plight of the Uighur Muslims in China, and the ethnic cleansing of the Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar, calling them gross human right violations. The article also mentioned how various US officials have practically ignored India’s recent Citizenship Act. The U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom called the citizenship legislation dangerous and has sought sanctions against India. The author also observed that, the stark contrast over religious protections for Muslims reveals an undercurrent in high-level meetings between the United States and India on a range of diplomatic and military issues. India is considered an important ally in the region for the US, in its efforts to contain China in the region. Thus, the Trump administration has been very conscious to not do anything publicly that might embarrass India. 

By: Usman Khan, CIGA Research Associate



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