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Why the Kazakhstan Crisis Is a Much Bigger Deal Than Western Media Is Letting On

Author: “Tyler Durden” (Pseudonym for Daniel Ivandjiiski, and Tim Backshall)

Affiliation: Former Hedge-fund Trader, Credit Derivatives Strategist 

Organization/Publisher: Zero Hedge

Date/Place: January 9, 2022 /Bulgaria

Type of Literature: Reflection

Word Count: 1344


Keywords: Kazakhstan, Russia, US, Belarus, Ukraine


The situation in Kazakhstan is a much bigger deal than Western media is letting on, as Kazakhstan historically and currently contains some of Russia’s most vital national interests; for this reason Russia has deployed troops to it. Russia sees that setting peace is a necessity to maintain its interests in Kazakhstan. With the ongoing deadly violent protests, Russia fears of millions of refugees’ displacement from Kazakhstan to Russia. Secondly, the religious diversity in Kazakhstan could trigger a civil war. The economic and strategic interests of Russia in Kazakhstan are highly valuable and critical, and include the location of Russia’s space program. Kazakhstan accordingly concerns Russia, so Russia has sent the first wave of 3000 soldiers. Russia will send more troops into Kazakhstan if needed, even if the further deployment of Russian troops would affect the Russian voice towards Ukraine and Belarus. Russia considers the situation in Kazakhstan as successfully traced back to the US, considering the timing of Ukrainian and Belarusian files. Russia details how the US has been supporting and funding “pro-democracy” NGOs to fuel protests against Russia’s allied governments in the three countries. By that, Russia believes that a hybrid-war is to be fought. 

By: Noah Mezgan, CIGA Research Associate



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