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Why Algeria cut diplomatic ties with Morocco: and implications for the future

Author: Yahia H. Zoubir 

Affiliation: Brookings (Doha center) and Director of Research in Geopolitics at KEDGE Business School (France)

Organization/Publisher: THE CONVERSATION

Date/Place: September 12, 2021/USA

Type of Literature: Analysis

Word Count: 1273


Keywords: Algeria, Morocco, diplomatic tensions, Western Sahara.



Due to Morocco’s relentless aggressions towards Algeria, Algiers cut its diplomatic ties with Rabat. Though many factors bring them together, historical, ideological and political dissimilarities between Algeria and Morocco have weighted heavy in their relations. With the lethargy of Algeria, Morocco got the momentum to capitalize upon the Algerian political paralysis and diplomatic dormancy. But with the reawakening of Algeria which synchronized with the Moroccan aggression, it has led to Algeria’s diplomatic breakup with Morocco. The Moroccan recent frequent aggressions; Lobbying the AU (African Union); the attack on Sahrawi demonstrators in El-Guerguerat; Spying over Algerian officials; and supporting the MAK (a Kabyle coastal region of Algeria) have resulted in Algiers diplomatic breakup with Rabat. The tension between the two states may know a geopolitical twist, after the tension had already paralyzed the Maghreb Union.  Already, Algeria has refused to renew the contract of Maghreb-Europe gas (the Algerian pipeline that goes through Morocco to Europe). The impact of escalating tensions is still dubious, but the tensions between the two countries certainly will intensify.

By: Imad Atoui, CIGA Research Associate



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