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Turkey’s role in halting the fall of Kabul

Author: Omair Anas

Affiliation:  Yildirim Beyazit University (Ankara, Turkey)

Organization/Publisher: Observer Research Foundation

Date/Place: July 17, 2021/Delhi, India

Type of Literature: Debates

Word Count: 1273 


Keywords: Turkey, Afghanistan, Kabul Airport, America


With the US withdrawal from Afghanistan, uncertainties in the region have increased and different actors are trying to take their place in the region. There are many reasons for America’s withdrawal from Afghanistan, but the most important one is to increase its presence in the Asia Pacific to reduce China’s dominance in the region. China’s growing power is threatening America’s unipolar world order, so America is trying to reduce its focus on the Middle East and Central Asia and increase its presence with its allies in the Asia Pacific. On the other hand, America’s withdrawal from Afghanistan leaves its strategic allies in the region. For instance, giving Turkey the security of Kabul Airport. Although Turkey-US relations have not been very good recently, it can be said that they have entered a recovery process. The fact that Turkey is a regional power, has conducted many operations in Syria before, and has advanced defense technology makes it a suitable actor to protect Kabul Airport. Turkey’s security of Kabul airport has also disturbed many actors in the region. Although Turkey and Pakistan define each other as friendly countries, Pakistan has been disturbed by Turkey’s position and is reacting. India, which was pleased with the presence of the United States in the region, has also reacted with apprehension to Turkey’s security role of Kabul Airport.

By: Esra Ibrahimagaoglu, CIGA Research Intern



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