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Tunisia’s Revolution Has Neglected the Country’s Youth

Author: Houda Chograni

Affiliation: Freelance writer and activist

Organization/Publisher: Arab Center Washington DC

Date/Place: May 3, 2021/USA

Type of Literature: Policy Analysis

Number of Pages:


Keywords:  Youth Marginalization, Political Disillusionment, Poverty, Protests




Covid-19 hit Tunisia’s already challenged economy, with unemployment reaching 17.4% while its debt amounting to 93% of total GDP. Post Arab Spring governments have failed to deliver effective economic programs, meanwhile the youth are bearing the brunt of rampant poverty. Tunisia’s youth are marginalized from socio-economic activities, and education seems to only increase the amount of the unemployed. Moreover, the country has the highest rates of “Not in Employment nor in Education or Training” (NEET) in the Middle East; this phenomenon helps in understanding the scale of youth marginalization and their staggering numbers of illegal immigrants. The detachment of labor from education increases disillusionment with the current order, as up to 30,000 Tunisians preferred Death Journeys to Europe over staying in their own country in 2020. In addition to their economic hardships, many youths are excluded from the mainstream political process leading them to resort to civil society groups. Tunisian youths refuse to be babysat—they are the ones who sparked regime change and the Arab Spring after all. These grievances contributed to Tunisia’s recent protests last January, and addressing the education, unemployment and political marginalization would uplift many youths who are excluded from proper living.


By: Omar Fili, CIGA Research Assistant



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