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There will be a one state solution

Author(s):Yousef Munnayer

Affiliation: The US campaign for Palestinian rights

Organization/Publisher: Foreign Affairs

Date/Place: November/December 2019, U.S.

Type: Analysis

Word Count: 3531



The article, “There will be a one-state solution” argues that the one-state solution is the only way forward to bring peace in the region. The author calls the two-state solution as dead, calling it unrealistic. The article discusses the failed attempt of the United Nations resolutions in rescuing the two-state solution, particularly the resolution no. 2334, which was passed in 2016, in order to end Israeli settlement activities in the occupied territories. But Israel never stopped the settlements though. The article also focuses on the US’s influence on the one state solution, particularly during the Trump administration. The author explores the one-state option in this article by recommending the creation of a new constitution, involving both Israel and Palestine, since the current situation only gives political rights to the Jews while denying them to the Palestinians. The new constitution will give equal rights for both. This article recommends to the Palestinian leaders to stop advocating the two state solution, and to support the one-state solution. The author’s take is very utopian where the seventy year struggle of the Palestinian identity and their right to self-determination are overlooked.



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