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The art of no deal: Who’s subverting Trump’s Israeli-Palestinian peace plan?

Author: David Horovitz

Affiliation: The Times of Israel

Organization/Publisher: The Times of Israel

Date/Place:  February 4, 2020, U.S.

Type of Literature: Report

Word Count: 2168


Keywords: Deal of the century, Palestine, Israel annexation.


While the timing of the “Deal of the Century” came out at a time of heightened skepticism, the output of unilateral annexation would risk so much damage for this potentially short-term agreement. After rejecting the concerned parties in the deal for a two-state solution, the American-Israeli documented agreement revealed a questionable ability to practically operationalize the deal on the ground. Despite the support of Gulf Arab leaders, the lack of a firm decision in immediately activating the plan among the members of the Trump team ignites the fear of Netanyahu in the coming elections. The move of immediate annexation would be creating two peoples living side by side with formalized unequal rights, and that would hugely damage the reputation and the status of Israel internationally. Further, the move would boost the BDS movement, put the Jordan peace treaty at risk as it might prompt a rush of Europeans and even prompt Democratic presidential candidates to recognize Palestine. In this respect, the question remains whether the US is going to allow one side and one side only to implement the intended benefits in the proposed deal, or is it just an Art of no Deal? Again, if the US president genuinely seeks to break the deal, his supporters should then be asking who is working to subvert it?   


By: Imad Atoui, CIGA Research Associate



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