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Saad al-Jabri: The Saudi who could bring down Mohammed bin Salman

Author: David Hearst

Affiliation: Middle East Eye

Organization/Publisher: Middle East Eye

Date/Place: August 10, 2020/UK

Type of Literature: Opinion

Word Count: 1662


Keywords: Saad al-Jabri, Muhammad Bin Salman, Khashoggi, Mohammed Bin Nayef, CIA, Turkey


Khashoggi is dead, but the nightmare of Mohammad Bin Salman is not over yet as there is someone else, more dangerous, and dangerous enough to bring down MBS. It is Mohammed Bin Nayef’s right-hand man in the interior ministry, Saad al-Jabri. He is aware of all the dark secrets not only about Nayef, but King Salman too. Saudi Arabia tried to send a murder squad to murder him, but they miserably failed. They even tried to get his family into trouble, but still he didn’t buckle. Turkey is also bringing a lot of trouble to the Saudi Kingdom by releasing in parts the information about Khashoggi’s murder, which is why MBS’s mentor, Abu Dhabi Crown Prince, Muhammed Bin Zayed, paid Syrian President Bashir-Al Assad to break the ceasefire in Idlib to make it troublesome for Turks. After eliminating Nayef, MBS has failed to manage with legitimacy, which made him insecure about criticism first from Khashoggi, and now from Jabri. Apparently, Jabri is in the good books of the US State department and even one of their spokesmen went on to say that Saad has been a valuable partner to the United States in countering terrorism. MBS might think ousting Nayef means the game is over, that killing Khashoggi would kill the criticism against him, but Jabri is pretty determined to stop the killer from enjoying the spoils of power. 

By: Saima Rashid, CIGA Research Assistant



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