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Reflections on the Bernie Campaign

Author: Nathan J. Robinson

Affiliation: Current Affairs

Organization/Publisher: Current Affairs

Date/Place: April 21, 2020/USA

Type of Literature: Report

Word Count: 4956


Keywords: Bernie Sanders, US-Elections, Presidential Candidate, Democrats, Joe Biden. 


The suspension of Bernie Sanders’ election campaign has left many questions about the future Democratic nominee. The article highlights how Bernie stood out from all candidates with his slogans of “NOT ME, US.” The author evaluates Barak Obama on his Wall Street policies, Kamala Harris on mocking the protestors, Joe Biden for his lack of empathy towards people, Amy Klobuchar for dismissing the social democratic reforms, and Elizabeth Warren for her troubled defenses.  Robinson writes that for the last five years he was trying to convince people that Sanders is worth supporting, but that hope of victory for Sanders was not very bright whilst the country’s mainstream media and progressive publishers were not voicing for him. Despite strong grassroots’ support he lacked institutional support from labor unions, media outlets, public intellectuals and activist groups who were not positive about Sanders.  In addition to this, the other enormous aspect contributing to Sanders’ loss firstly included Elizabeth Warren’s campaign, which Robinson argues drew away a large number of White, college-educated supporters. Her performances prior to and in Iowa fractured voters in different directions. Secondly, Sanders enigmatically did not seem to prepare for his debates due to which he missed many crucial opportunities. Thirdly, Bernie waned from advice to lure stronger contrast with Biden. Consequently, an incredible campaign was left out-fundraised and out-organized. And an auspicious opportunity snuffed out with the suspended campaign of Sanders.


By: Maryam Khan, CIGA Research Associate



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