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Rapprochement Spree: Abu Dhabi Recalibrates Relations with Ankara

Author: Hamdullah Baycar

Affiliation: PhD Candidate at Institute of Arab and Islamic Studies (University of Exeter, UK)

Organization/Publisher: Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

Date/Place: December 16, 2021/ Washington DC, USA

Type of Literature: Analysis

Word Count: 1239


Keywords: Turkey-UAE Normalization, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, USA



After having positioned itself as archenemy and embroiling in numerous regional crises far beyond its region, the UAE appears to be normalizing relations with Turkey. Despite the diplomatic foes during the last decade, the rapprochement follows the same path that many states in the Middle East have been taking (i.e. Saudi Arabia and Egypt ending their blockade of Qatar). Disagreement over different issues between Turkey and the UAE face a new twist as the US claims to be withdrawing from the Middle East. The US’ withdrawal from Afghanistan and from different areas in the Middle East has left a vacuum to new actors to play and lead in the region. Thus, Turkey, UAE and other states in the Middle East are revising their policies towards each other. Additionally, the rivalry between the Gulf states’ approach to Turkey fails within the framework of competing with Qatar’s investments in Turkey. In the same vein, Saudi Arabia has normalized with Qatar to compete with the UAE’s international companies. The Turkish UAE normalization is a sample of a huge competition between the Middle Eastern states to lead and maintain presence in the region in the post-American era.


By: Mezgan Noah, CIGA Research Associate



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