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Pakistan Pitches the Taliban Regime to the World

Authors: Michael Kugelman

Affiliation: Foreign Policy

Organization/Publisher: Foreign Policy

Date/Place: September 7, 2021/USA

Type of Literature: Article

Word Count: 1400


Keywords: Afghanistan, Pakistan, Taliban, the US


Post-US-withdrawal Afghanistan remains the topic of discussion globally. Some analysts are mocking the US administration due to its hasty pullout from Afghanistan whereas others are blaming the Afghan National Army for their unconditional surrender before the Taliban. The author analyzes the role of Pakistan in projecting and promoting the current regime of the Taliban as the sole guardian of Afghanistan. The Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan, has also emphasized in an Op-ed published in the Washington Post that the international community must recognize the current status-quo in Afghanistan. Moreover, Islamabad is also highlighting the need of economic assistance to sustain peace in Afghanistan. Meanwhile, the US, the UK, Germany, and other Western states have disregarded any possibility to facilitate the Taliban regime with international recognition.  In addition, international financial institutions and banks have also declined to release the financial assets of Afghanistan under current political circumstances. According to the author, the Taliban is experiencing a situation where it might need to compromise on its governance model to get international recognition and foreign assistance. On the other side of Durand Line, Pakistan does not want a chaotic Afghanistan in its backyard anymore. The official stance of Islamabad is firm and strong that a peaceful Afghanistan will guarantee a peaceful Pakistan.

By: Muhammad Taimoor Bin Tanveer, CIGA Senior Research Associate



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