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Italy Has Learned a Tough Lesson on China

Author: Ludovica Meacci

Affiliation: Freelance China researcher

Organization/Publisher: Foreign Policy

Date/Place: June 24, 2021/USA

Type of Literature: Argument

Word Count: 1572


Keywords: China, Italy, Policy


As China invests around the world and expands its economic and trade influences year by year, Europe has gained greater importance for China and sees China as providing a huge market for products from the European Union. The author explains that despite warnings from Rome’s allies, Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte’s government tried to have a slice in the Chinese market. However, when Mario Draghi became the new prime minister of Italy, he turned his back to  European and American allies due to political pressure from China.  Even the assemblies have uttered their concerns on human rights violations in Xinjiang and violations of freedom in Hong Kong. Italy is now returning to its “historical anchors” as Draghi emphasized that an alternative to the Belt and Road Initiative needs to be created by the G-7 countries.  With the Draghi government, flirtations with China seem to be broken up, but according to the author Italy should keep the opportunity to show itself as reliable and willing to shape China policy.


By: Berat Karadeniz, CIGA Research Intern



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