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Israel’s Secret war in Sudan

Author: Gearóid Ó Colmáin

Affiliation: Independent political analyst. Paris Correspondent for American Herald Tribune

Organization/Publisher: Gearóid Ó Colmáin

Date/Place: August 2, 2019, France

Type: Analysis

Word Count: 4042 Words 



In reference to the protests in April 2019 in Sudan, which overthrew President Omar Al-Bashir, Colmáin contested the mainstream media’s depiction of the development as a popular uprising against an oppressive dictator. He argued that a deep inquiry of the country’s complex geopolitical and historical account demonstrates that global power (US/Israel) played a crucial role in Sudan’s political crisis and removal of a hostile regime to their strategic interests. Although some analysts dared to highlight the globalist force’s long term aim of weakening Sudan, Israel’s involvement and systematic destabilization of the country has been ignored. The author argues that Israel has played a significant role in the turmoil as well as in the conflicts in Darfur and South Sudan which have received extensive media coverage since 2003. However, these mainstream media have misrepresented the developments as mere ethnic conflicts between Arabs and black Africans, overlooking the complex geopolitical motivations that underpin these conflict zones. The political crisis and conflicts in these areas were highly attributed to Israel’s role of destabilizing the country mainly through arming and training of the rebel groups from neighboring bases like Chad, and mobilizing impressive international media campaigns against the Sudanese government due the latter’s sympathetic positions towards the Palestinians and Islamic political groups. The author concludes that Israel’s involvement in Sudan demonstrates how its policy of destabilization extends throughout the continent African.



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