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Israel’s secret embassy in Bahrain

Author: Barak Ravid

Affiliation: Axios

Organization/Publisher: Axios

Date/Place: October 21, 2020/Virginia, USA

Type of Literature: Report

Number of Words: 600


Keywords: Palestine, Israel, Bahrain, Embassy, Diplomatic Relations, Normalization


In a bombshell revelation by prominent diplomatic correspondent Barak Ravid, long before Bahrain decided to go public about its love affair with the apartheid state of Israel, the two sides were already enjoying behind-the-scenes diplomatic relations. In this report sourced from Israeli officials, the author details that the relations date back to 2009 when Israel and Bahrain jointly established a company named “The Center for International Development” in Bahrain. The so-called company was a cover for Israeli diplomacy with Bahrain, and the push came after regional rival Qatar had shut its doors on diplomatic relations with Tel Aviv. The revelations come after Bahrain and the UAE decided to go public and establish full diplomatic, cultural, and commercial relations with Israel after controversially signing agreements at the White House on September 15. The move by Bahrain and the UAE has earned them widespread condemnation from Palestinians, and Muslims in general, who point out how the accords ignore their rights and do not serve the Palestinian cause. The report details how the company established in Bahrain would offer consultancy in non-oil marketing, commercial promotion, and investment services. Due to its vast network that included Israeli diplomats with dual nationalities (including South Africa, USA and Belgium), the company, which name was changed in 2013 and is currently being withheld for security reasons, helped to facilitate and secure hundreds of deals to the benefit of Israeli companies. The front company “also served as a secret communications channel for the Israeli government.”

By: Riyaz ul Khaliq, Non-Resident CIGA Research Associate



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