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Israel will pull out all the stops to avoid facing war crimes charges

Affiliation: Independent Journalist 

Author: Jonathan Cook

Organization/Publisher: Middle East Eye

Date/Place: February 11, 2021/UK

Type of Literature: Opinion  

Word Count: 1985


Keywords: Israel, ICC, International Law.




The author explains that after the decision by judges at the International Criminal Court (ICC), Israeli officers, including even Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, could be held accountable in The Hague for violations of war laws. Israeli leaders from all political spectrums reject IIC’s decision because that means Israelis can be investigated for war crimes they commit in the occupied Palestinian territories. Israel has started campaigning against this decision through the Israeli foreign ministry to pressure the ICC.  For instance, Foreign Minister Gabi Ashkenazi has called his counterparts in foreign capitals, asking for help in lobbying against the chief prosecutor Bensouda. The author states that the ICC’s decision offers  ‘slivers of hope’ for the Palestinians. It confirms the Palestinians’ right to statehood and indicates that the post-Trump era might be against Israel. To conclude, the ICC might keep the decision as a  ‘sword’ hanging over senior Israeli officials, hoping that it hinders them from worse excesses in the future.


By: Fadi Zatari, CIGA Senior Research Associate



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