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Israel-Palestine: Nine Days that Shook the World

Author: David Hearst

Affiliation: The Middle East Eye

Organization/Publisher: The Middle East Eye

Date/Place: May 19, 2021/UK

Type of Literature: Opinion

Word Count: 2500


Keywords:  New Struggle, Unity, Sheikh Jarrah 




The rising sentiment of resistance will determine the future of the Palestinian struggle, fueled by every aggression conducted by Israel. The recent Israeli hostilities have driven Palestinians to unity, their divisions rendered passive as resistance flared simultaneously in Jerusalem, the West Bank and Gaza. Sheikh Jarrah became a symbol of unity, Hamas’ entry was a tipping point but a broad front including Jerusalemites and 1948 Palestinians who were already resisting. Israel also failed to sever Palestine from its Arab surroundings; border protests proved that normalization efforts were not as successful as originally claimed. In addition, efforts to isolate and silence the Palestinian diaspora were not able to hide Israeli aggressions or withstand the public anger, as Israeli “hasbara” propaganda campaigns and fearmongering against Palestine-sympathetic sentiments are becoming less effective. The rules of the conflict are changing with new arenas, and generations with nothing to lose are spearheading the struggle after seemingly everybody has failed them. Bottom-up leadership arises to meet challenges and to face Zionist aggressions, and it is naive of Israel to proclaim that the conflict is over.


By: Omar Fili, CIGA Research Assistant



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