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Germany: An enduring enemy of the Palestinian struggle

Author: Joseph Massad

Affiliation: Columbia University in New York

Organization/Publisher: The Middle East Eye

Date/Place: July 16, 2021/UK

Type of Literature: Opinion  

Word Count: 2200


Keywords: Israel, Germany, Nazi, and colonization. 


The author explains how Germany has been a crucial contributor to the colonization of Palestine throughout history. The professor at Columbia University clarifies that Germany has undeniably been one of the utmost ruthless enemies of Palestinians and their struggle for self-determination since the 19th century. The German support for the Israeli colonizer includes many aspects such as finance and military. The author explains how the Zionist movement learned from the German colonization’s experiences in Africa and Europa. For instance, the German colonization of Posen in Poland was a model for the Zionists in Palestine. The author also explains how the Zionists used and facilitated the Nazi’s anti-Semitic policies to increase colonization in Palestine. An article written in Das Schwarze Korps by the head of the SS Reinhard Heydrich exposed that he praised the Zionist movement: He states, “The Zionists adhere to a strict racial position, and by emigrating to Palestine they are helping to build their own Jewish state. Our good wishes together with our official good will go with them.” Professor Massad concludes that Germany’s long-lasting support for Israel is based on German colonial racism against non-white people worldwide.


By: Fadi Zatari, CIGA Senior Research Associate



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