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Europe Needs to Talk About Race Too

Author: Remi Adekoya

Affiliation: Independent Political Analyst

Organization/Publisher:  Foreign Policy

Date/Place: June 12, 2020/USA
Type of Literature: Article

Word Count: 1528 


Keywords: Racism, Europe, Black communities.


The author discusses the long-prevailing issue of racism in Europe, contextualizing it with the recent killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis. Black populations in several European states like Germany, Poland, United Kingdom, Italy etc. have come together to condemn racism in the United States as well as in their respective states. But unlike the size of the Black community in the United States which is large enough to carry on a movement on its own including asserting demands, the Black communities in European states are miniscule and their problems are distinct. Ranging from 3.3 % in a diverse England to 0.1 % in a homogenous Poland, the Black communities in Europe have suffered in silence, relying on White majorities for fair treatment in their daily lives. Be it Adama Traoré in France in 2016 or Maxwell Itoya in Poland in 2010, both incidents went un-noticed despite their deaths having occurred in similar circumstances as that of George Floyd. Moreover, most Black victims of racial discrimination in Poland never report their experiences to the authorities, discouraged by the openly dismissive attitude of the authorities. The graph is no better in European states, where 2 out of 3 victims never report the discrimination they go through, be it physical. Similarly, only 70% of Black Britons profess their trust in the local police establishment as compared to the 75% of White Britons. This further drops to 61% among Black Britons aged between 16-24. These instances reflect the realities of Black lives in Europe, despite their small population. The onus remains on the establishment to shift the power dynamics among communities by peaceful engagement and inclusive policies across Europe.

By: Usman Khan Pathan, CIGA Research Associate



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