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Ethiopia’s Somali region: New faces, same problems

Author: Abdirahman Ahmed

Affiliation: Jigjiga University

Organization/Publisher: The Africa Report

Date/Place: June 15, 2021/USA

Type of Literature: Report

Word Count: 4095


Keywords: Elections, Corruption, Social Media Platforms


The Ethopian elections are witnessing an increased competitive atmosphere in Ethiopia’s Somali region, using social media platforms to get around challenges and to gain popularity. The entry of the Somali Democratic Party (SDP) into Abiy Ahmed’s Prosperity Party (PP) has given the Somalis some say in the decision-making process, especially after the removal of the previous brutal governor Abdi Iley in 2018. The reforms initiated since 2018 have been received with notable skepticism, failing to hold previous criminals responsible and regional lag in delivering services. Corruption remains a blatant root of the problem, compounding issues of services shortage and the regional administration’s efficiency. The current elections offer new blood in the regional government, yet lack of proper organization and government funding to certain parties poses a challenge to opposition parties and independent candidates. The majority of the population do not expect the elections to be fully fair, their opinion influenced by past experiences and developments on regional and federal levels. Elections could bring positive results but are mired in social and political differences, which could potentially cause post-election violence if the process is not transparent.

By: Omar Fili, CIGA Research Assistant



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