Collapse Of The Middle East Order Is Under Way. The Future Is Up For Grabs

by Fadi Zatari

Author: Joe Gill

Affiliation: Independent Journalist
Organization/Publisher: Middle East Eye
Date/Place: April 2, 2021/UK
Type of Literature: Opinion
Word Count: 1749


Keywords: Colonial Regimes, Transition, Middle East
Joe Gill discusses a recently published book on the Middle East entitled “The Middle East Crisis Factory”
written by two activists, Iyad El-Baghdadi and Ahmed Gatnash. The main argument in this book is that
the political systems in the Middle East are in the process of decline, and there is no hope for people
trying to change the current political systems. The authors of the book believe that transition in the
region might, like Europe, take decades, and such change will not be smooth and easy. El-Baghdadi
and Gatnash reject the historical use of military intervention in the Middle East as well as the blanket use
of sanctions because economic sanctions cause great suffering for ordinary people. Instead, they
propose a more efficient approach; they believe there should be “smart sanctions,” targeting specific
individual leaders’ assets. Another alternative to intervention is universal legislation to bring individual
officials to court. Joe Gill argues that “The Middle East Crisis Factory” suggests that many insights such as
colonization and occupation do not always come from outside, since dictatorships’ ways of dealing
with their population are also a way of continuation of colonial regimes.
By: Fadi Zatari, CIGA Senior Research Associate

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