China’s National Defense in the New Era

  • Organization /Publisher: Foreign Languages Press Co. Ltd. Beijing, China.
  • Date/Place: July 2019, China
  • Type of Literature: Whitepaper                              
  • Number of Pages:51
  • Link:


China’s State Council Information Office released a new national defense white paper in July 2019, which is the protracted description of Xi Jinping’s speech at 19th party congress in 2017.China provides official explanation of its defense policy on all fronts explaining national and international threats foisted to China. The white paper calls for China’s soft power policies as a priority in conflict resolution and conflict management, however the question of Taiwan and Uygur has brought China’s armed forces to “adapt to the new panorama of strategic contest.” Thus, the military may antagonize the unparalleled encounter of a potential adversary with formidable and rapidly advancing capabilities.As an attempt to reassure the international community of China’s commitment to “world peace,” this defense white paper series may have limited utility, particularly juxtaposed against the vociferous motioning of resolve on the “Taiwan question.” This enunciation of China’s stance is undeviating and unambiguous in highlighting the readiness to use force to prevent and defeat any attempts at “Taiwan independence.” In particular, China’s quest to achieve “complete reunification” is described as threatened by the potential “interference of external forces,” implicitly the United States, which is often characterized as a powerful adversary in Chinese military writings not intended for an external audience. The U.S. military is the target and often the model for Chinese military modernization, and the PLA must be prepared to use “all necessary measures” in order to “safeguard national unity.”The white paper also unsprings its critique of hard power politics of American, NATO and EU’S Hegemonism by evaluating the International security environments.


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