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China-India Relations under Modi Regime and Pakistan’s Concerns

Authors: Sabahat Jaleel, Shabnam Gul, and Zahid Akbar

Affiliation: University of Engineering and Technology Taxila (Punjab, Pakistan), Lahore College for Women University (Lahore, Pakistan), Ministry of Defence, Pakistan

Organization/Publisher: Global Social Sciences Review (GSSR)

Date/Place: April 2021/Pakistan

Type of Literature: Research Article

Number of Pages: 10


Keywords: Asian Giants, China, Emerging Economies, India, Interdependence, Pakistan


In this article, the authors explore the growing economic interdependence between China and India under Modi’s regime. The authors approach the topic through a qualitative methodology that is explorative in nature; data collection is based on oral interviews and existing literature about the topic.  The authors speculate that this interdependence—if turned into a military dimension—can become a huge concern for Pakistan, a rival country of India. India and China are the emerging giant powers in Asia, but have been facing border disputes for a long time. The China-Pakistan relations have prevented India and China from coming closer, and the growing ties between China and Pakistan are sources of insecurity for India. The US-India relationship also increases the trust deficit between China and India, as China believes that the US is using India as a proxy to attack China and to prevent it from becoming a world power. The authors recommend that India and China develop a healthier and more cordial relationship, since they constitute the most important economies of the world.  


By: Ruby Clayton, CIGA Research Associate



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