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Analysis: Covert Israeli-Saudi meeting sends Biden a strong message on Iran

Authors: Reuters Staff

Affiliation: Reuters

Organization/Publisher: Reuters

Date/Place: November 27, 2020/UK 

Type of Literature: Opinion Article

Word Count: 1569


Keywords: Biden, Iran, Saudi-Israeli relations, US-Elections


Whilst Biden’s presidency is expected to improve relations between Iran and the United States, the unrest in the region is on the rise against Iran. The recent meeting between the Saudi prince and the Israeli Prime Minister is an indication that Saudi Arabia and Israel do not approve of the normalization between the US and Iran. Iran was the focus of a secret meeting in the new Saudi city of Noam last month, which was confirmed by Israel’s authorities. The Saudi source and the diplomat said the Saudi king was kept in the dark about Netanyahu’s visit. On the other hand, Israeli Defence Minister Gantz was also not informed about the flight from Tel Aviv to Riyadh. The report says that Suleiman and Netanyahu had Trump’s full patronage against Iran. After Trump’s departure, the United States will adopt Obama’s policy. This fear has created unrest in Saudi Arabia and Israel. One of the major developments on the part of the United States was to pressure Saudi Arabia to recognize Israel, like other Arab countries. US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has also recently met with the prince. Saudi Arabia, considered the stronghold of Islam, has emerged as a major player in the recognition of Israel by other Arab countries.

By: Maryam Khan, CIGA Research Associate



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